The New Norm, finding a way for Youth to excel!

In this "New Normal" we are all looking for ways to help our youth be successful. Weather a parent, care taker, instructor, or friend we are all adjusting to help youth from a distance, while still providing an effective learning process.

N2KM has brought on Youth Spotlight Magazine (YSM) to be a voice for our community with our youth leading the movement.

YSM will be a bi-monthly magazine that will highlight youth doing amazing things in their community, will giving family recipies, beauty tips, affirmations and more. YSM will also feature local business ads along with coupons to help small businesses still thrive in these unprecedented times.

The next issue will highlight the youth involved in the #BLM movement and how their roles help to signify change. Stay tuned by subscribing to our email. To advertise as a business email

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